Ep.11 Kevin Vidal - Being Open

July 10, 2017

Welcome to Ep.11 of House Lights! We have Toronto-based actor and improviser, Kevin Vidal on the show today. 

Kevin's amazing, he performed on the Second City Mainstage, various commercials, and on TV shows such as Sunnyside, Kim’s Convenience (CBC), and Workin' Moms (CBC)! Still early in his career, he has gained much success in the Toronto entertainment scene, and he’s just killing it!!

We talk about how Kevin got his start in the industry, how relationships were key to his success, his experiences and approaches on working on set and much more. It was a really fun conversation full of great information!! 

Also, we have new music for the podcast!! This amazing work was provided by my friend Ayaka Kinugawa, who is also based in Toronto and works in music professionally. You can check out Ayaka and her partner’s work at http://hooksonic.com/ if you are looking for music that can bring your work to life!


Kevin's IMDB

Comedy Duo - Soul Decision (check out Conversations with Actors!) 

CBC's Working Moms, Kim's Convenience

Check out Ayaka's work on Hooksonic!!

Thank you so much for listening in, have a great week everybody!!  


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