Ep.10 Ivan Wanis-Ruiz - Power of Execution

July 3, 2017

Welcome to episode 10 of House Lights!! 

We have Toronto based actor Ivan Wanis-Ruis this week! He is also the founder of The Actor's Place (TAP) which provides actors with opportunity to experiment and work on their skill sets. Ivan has built a community of suportive actors through TAP, and now they host an annual film festival. 

We talk about Ivan's transition from the Vancouver entertainment space into the Toronto scene. How TAP got started and grew to what it is today. He also shares his take on how actors should go about starting out in the industry, and is filled with amazing actionable advice for actors. 

The biggest takeaway for me was the power of execution. We tend to get in our heads and make up excuses to avoid action. Ivan is a great example of someone who walks the walk and created something amazing. I really hope you enjoy episode 10 of House Lights!! 


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