Ep.15 Anita Abbasi and Martin Baena - Making a film!!

August 8, 2017

Anita Abbasi and Martin Baena make amazing short films. They collaborated to make “The Talent Scout” (2015), and their latest project “Mariah ¡Que Baile!”. We talk about their film making process, what their partnership looks like and the lessons they took away from these experiences. This is our first conversation with film makers on the podcast and I’m really excited to share this with you.

We talk about what their pre-production, filming, and post-production process looks like for their new project “Mariah ¡Que Baile!”. We talk about, how they went about funding, found actors, putting together a team, submitting to film festivals and more. We get a glimpse of what directors think about when working with actors, and how they apporach storytelling.  

If you wanted an inside look into what making a short film can look like, this is your episode! Anita and Martin also work in the film industry, and the thoughts and knowledge they shared was amazing! I hope you enjoy this episode!


About Anita - https://cinematekkitsch.com/

About Martin - https://martin-baena.com/

Support Mariah ¡Que Baile! - https://www.facebook.com/mariahquebaile/

About Steve Ejbick (The Sound Guy!) - https://www.linkedin.com/in/steven-ejbick-63296b35/?ppe=1  

Lester Millado’s (DOP) Cinematography Reel - https://vimeo.com/83605287  

The Talent Scout - http://www.nsi-canada.ca/2017/05/the-talent-scout/#

John Cassavetes - http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001023/

Podcast music composed by Ayaka Kinugawa (hooksonic.com)


Ep.14 Neeraja Ramjee and Clinton Walker - Broken Images

July 31, 2017

Welcome to Ep.14 of House Lights!! We have Neeraja Ramjee and Clinton Walker on the show today! They are currently working on a production of the play "Broken Images" written acclaimed by Indian playwright Girish Karnand.

We talk about Neeraja and Clinton's origin story, how they got started in acting. We talk about training, collaborations, and approaches to developing a one-person show. I learned a lot from this conversation, especially about the one person theatre format. Their passion and commitment to the production is contagious, and it's amazing to see how Neeraja's vision of putting up a play is coming to fruition.

"Broken Images" will be playing at the Red Sandcastle Theatre located in Leslieville from Aug.11th to 20th! Please check out their event page for additional information!!


https://www.facebook.com/brokenimagesplay/ (Broken Images Event Page) 

https://www.instagram.com/brokenimagesplay/ (Broken Images Instagram)

http://hooksonic.com/ (Ayaka's work) 



Ep.13 Ben Train - The Magician’s Mind

July 24, 2017

This is episode 13 of House Lights, today we have Toronto based magician Ben Train on the show!

This concludes the mini-series examining the mindsets of magicians and getting to know the Toronto Magic Community.

We talk about ideas magicians and mentalists deal with when giving a performance. We touch on ideas like originality, suspension of disbelief, ethics, and many things that made me think about my own performances moving forward.

What’s also exciting about this episode is that we talk about the community of magicians in Toronto, and the Toronto Magic Company which Ben is one of the founding members. They are making live magic performances more accessible for everyone in the city. I hope you enjoy the sneak peak into the magical side of Toronto!



The Toronto Magic Company - https://www.torontomagiccompany.com/

Ben Train - http://bentrain.ca/ 

TMC Social - Facebook, Instagram

Discourse in Magic - http://discourseinmagic.com/ 

Browser's Den of Magic - http://www.browsersden.com/ 

Music by Ayaka from hooksonic!


Ep.12 Chris Mayhew - Shattering Obstacles

July 17, 2017

Welcome to Episode 12 of House Lights! Today we have Toronto based magician, Chris Mayhew with us. He is a prolific creator of magic effects performed by magicians world wide. He is a solid entertainer who can be seen performing live magic shows all around the city. 

We talk about how Chris transitioned his career path form being a magic creator to performer. He shares the obstacles and triumphs he faced as he developed into the performer he is today. We had an interesting discussion about drawing parallels between skills and crafts outside of magic and how that ties into anything you choose to pursue. We had a great conversation, and I hope you enjoy this as well! 


Some links related to this episode 

http://www.chrismayhewmagic.com/ (hire Chris!)

https://www.torontomagiccompany.com/ (check out local magic shows!) 

https://www.artofmagic.com/ (want to learn magic?) 

http://discourseinmagic.com/ (Check out this magic podcast by Toronto magicians!) 

http://hooksonic.com/ (looking for music for a project?) 


Ep.11 Kevin Vidal - Being Open

July 10, 2017

Welcome to Ep.11 of House Lights! We have Toronto-based actor and improviser, Kevin Vidal on the show today. 

Kevin's amazing, he performed on the Second City Mainstage, various commercials, and on TV shows such as Sunnyside, Kim’s Convenience (CBC), and Workin' Moms (CBC)! Still early in his career, he has gained much success in the Toronto entertainment scene, and he’s just killing it!!

We talk about how Kevin got his start in the industry, how relationships were key to his success, his experiences and approaches on working on set and much more. It was a really fun conversation full of great information!! 

Also, we have new music for the podcast!! This amazing work was provided by my friend Ayaka Kinugawa, who is also based in Toronto and works in music professionally. You can check out Ayaka and her partner’s work at http://hooksonic.com/ if you are looking for music that can bring your work to life!


Kevin's IMDB

Comedy Duo - Soul Decision (check out Conversations with Actors!) 

CBC's Working Moms, Kim's Convenience

Check out Ayaka's work on Hooksonic!!

Thank you so much for listening in, have a great week everybody!!  


Ep.10 Ivan Wanis-Ruiz - Power of Execution

July 3, 2017

Welcome to episode 10 of House Lights!! 

We have Toronto based actor Ivan Wanis-Ruis this week! He is also the founder of The Actor's Place (TAP) which provides actors with opportunity to experiment and work on their skill sets. Ivan has built a community of suportive actors through TAP, and now they host an annual film festival. 

We talk about Ivan's transition from the Vancouver entertainment space into the Toronto scene. How TAP got started and grew to what it is today. He also shares his take on how actors should go about starting out in the industry, and is filled with amazing actionable advice for actors. 

The biggest takeaway for me was the power of execution. We tend to get in our heads and make up excuses to avoid action. Ivan is a great example of someone who walks the walk and created something amazing. I really hope you enjoy episode 10 of House Lights!! 


Learn about The Actor's Place (TAP) 





Check out.. 

Recontre - https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/rencontres-la-serie-rencontres-the-series-tv-film#/

Backline podcast - https://www.facebook.com/thebacklinepod/


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Ep.9 Angela Delfini and John Towsen - Your Tribe

June 26, 2017

Welcome to Episode 9 of House Lights!! 

This week, we have Angela Delfini from Italy, and John Towsen from NYC!! They were visiting Toronto for the Toronto Festival of Clowns and toured a show called "Angela Delfini Explains It All For You".

Their show was an amazing, it was a one-woman show starring Angela which was directed by John. It was one my hightlights from the entire festival!! 

In this episode we talk about their process in collaborating overseas to develop the show. We dive into various topics including the value of clown, mentorship, building relationships, and the power of belonging to a positive tribe to help push you forward. 

Once again it was an action packed episode, I hope you enjoy this episode of House Lights!! 


You can find out more about John Towsen at his blog -> http://physicalcomedy.blogspot.ca/

The Toronto Festival of Clowns -> http://www.torontofestivalofclowns.com/ 

The book "Clowns" -> https://www.amazon.ca/Clowns-John-H-Towsen/dp/0801539625 

**Special thanks to Allan Turner who hosted the Toronto Festival of Clowns and made this interview possible!! 

Music Credit: Sad End Game (Andy's Dandy Mix) by Andrew Wainwright (c) copyright 2017 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial  (3.0) license. 


Ep.8 Nelu Handa - The 24/7 Creative

June 19, 2017

Ep.8 with Toronto based actor, comedian, and writer Nelu Handa!! 

This week we sit down with my friend Nelu and talk about her life. She shares what her transition from a 9-5 career into a 24/7 creative looked like, and her involvement in the comedy community today. 

She is a producer of the hit show Yas Kween which features talents who identifies as Women of Colour/Ethnicity and encouages a space for expression and craft development! You can find out more about it here -> http://baddogtheatre.com/yas-kween/ 

Nelu also has a podcast, also called Yas Kween where she interviews Women of Colour/Ethnicity in the comedy community and it's a great show! You can find them on iTunes!

She has worked on TV shows such as The Beaverton (CTV), Odd Squad (PBS), Almost Genius (CMT), and the Boroness Von Sketch Show (CBC).

In the interview she really shares her wisdom gained from various life experiences, and it made for an amazing interview! 

Find out more about Nelu at http://neluhanda.com/ 

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Have a great week! 

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Ep.7 Casts of Judas Noir - Moving Forward Together

June 12, 2017

This week, the House Lights shine on the casts of Judas Noir! This production will be playing at the Tarragon Theatre from June 13th to 18th, and features an all black cast.

We sit down with writer, director, and actor, Leighton Alexander Williams, and cast member Franck Fon. We are later joined by additional cast members, Adrian Walters, Lovell Adams-Grey, and Emmanuel Ofori.

This episode is filled with actionable advice from the talented actors who generously shared their time and thoughts on House Lights.We talk about the process of putting together a production, the importance of accountability, having a strong vision, and much more.

We find out who are the people behind this exciting production, and this episode was really fun to record. Lots of energy and laughs in this one!

Please check out Judas Noir, and support the production these amazing people are bringing to life!

To buy tickets and find out more about the show: http://www.tarragontheatre.com/show/judas-noir/ 


Some things we mention in the episode..

Looking for studio rentals? - www.gottadance.ca

RAW Studios - http://www.sophieannrooney.com/

Toronto Monologue Slam - www.toslam.com

BDB Productions - https://www.facebook.com/BDBProductionsInc/

Music Credit: Sad End Game (Andy's Dandy Mix) by Andrew Wainwright (c) copyright 2017 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial  (3.0) license. 



Ep.6 Ron Leach - The Power of an Actor

June 5, 2017

We shine the house lights on Toronto based casting director Ron Leach!! He has been in the industry for over 30 years, and we had an amazing time talking about what it means to be an actor today. 

Ron is an inspirational person who wear many hats as a teacher, director, and producer in addition to being a casting director.What was most valuable for me in this episode was our conversation about the power and responsibilities we have as a member of the entertainment industry. I learned so much and I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I do! 

Check out more about Ron at http://www.ronleach.com/ 

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