Ep.14 Neeraja Ramjee and Clinton Walker - Broken Images

July 31, 2017

Welcome to Ep.14 of House Lights!! We have Neeraja Ramjee and Clinton Walker on the show today! They are currently working on a production of the play "Broken Images" written acclaimed by Indian playwright Girish Karnand.

We talk about Neeraja and Clinton's origin story, how they got started in acting. We talk about training, collaborations, and approaches to developing a one-person show. I learned a lot from this conversation, especially about the one person theatre format. Their passion and commitment to the production is contagious, and it's amazing to see how Neeraja's vision of putting up a play is coming to fruition.

"Broken Images" will be playing at the Red Sandcastle Theatre located in Leslieville from Aug.11th to 20th! Please check out their event page for additional information!!


https://www.facebook.com/brokenimagesplay/ (Broken Images Event Page) 

https://www.instagram.com/brokenimagesplay/ (Broken Images Instagram)

http://hooksonic.com/ (Ayaka's work) 



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