Ep.13 Ben Train - The Magician’s Mind

July 24, 2017

This is episode 13 of House Lights, today we have Toronto based magician Ben Train on the show!

This concludes the mini-series examining the mindsets of magicians and getting to know the Toronto Magic Community.

We talk about ideas magicians and mentalists deal with when giving a performance. We touch on ideas like originality, suspension of disbelief, ethics, and many things that made me think about my own performances moving forward.

What’s also exciting about this episode is that we talk about the community of magicians in Toronto, and the Toronto Magic Company which Ben is one of the founding members. They are making live magic performances more accessible for everyone in the city. I hope you enjoy the sneak peak into the magical side of Toronto!



The Toronto Magic Company - https://www.torontomagiccompany.com/

Ben Train - http://bentrain.ca/ 

TMC Social - Facebook, Instagram

Discourse in Magic - http://discourseinmagic.com/ 

Browser's Den of Magic - http://www.browsersden.com/ 

Music by Ayaka from hooksonic!


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