Ep.12 Chris Mayhew - Shattering Obstacles

July 17, 2017

Welcome to Episode 12 of House Lights! Today we have Toronto based magician, Chris Mayhew with us. He is a prolific creator of magic effects performed by magicians world wide. He is a solid entertainer who can be seen performing live magic shows all around the city. 

We talk about how Chris transitioned his career path form being a magic creator to performer. He shares the obstacles and triumphs he faced as he developed into the performer he is today. We had an interesting discussion about drawing parallels between skills and crafts outside of magic and how that ties into anything you choose to pursue. We had a great conversation, and I hope you enjoy this as well! 


Some links related to this episode 

http://www.chrismayhewmagic.com/ (hire Chris!)

https://www.torontomagiccompany.com/ (check out local magic shows!) 

https://www.artofmagic.com/ (want to learn magic?) 

http://discourseinmagic.com/ (Check out this magic podcast by Toronto magicians!) 

http://hooksonic.com/ (looking for music for a project?) 


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